Aircraft and engine dismantling/recycling and parts rental/sale

Xiamen Airlease entrusts professional third parties with the dismantling and recycling of suitable aircraft/engine, used serviceable materials and components, in accordance with civil aviation regulations.The company sells or leases these aircraft/engines, used serviceable materials and components to airlines or other aircraft parts suppliers in need.

Xiamen Lufu Aviation Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xiamen Aircraft Leasing Co., Ltd., is a platform dedicated to the disposal/sale of aircraft assets. It was registered in Xiamen Free Trade Zone in 2016.The company's main business is the disposal/sale of mid-to end-of-life aircraft, including aircraft and engine assets sale and leasing, aircraft and engine dismantling, and parts sale and lease.The platform has two core competencies, the ability to dispose/sale of mid-to end-of-life aircraft assets, and the ability to supply used serviceable materials. With relevant special assets export qualification, customer and supplier qualification, etc. The platform has excellent track record and reputation in the disposal/sale of aviation assets and parts; in both, domestic and international markets; attracting many new domestic and foreign customers.

In 2019 Xiamen Aircraft Leasing Co., Ltd. participated in the shareholding of Beijing GA Innovation China Aviation Asset Management Co., Ltd.; which was established in Beijing, China in 2013.  The other two shareholders are Air China and GA TELESIS which is a world-renowned American aviation material sales company. It is the first comprehensive aircraft asset management company in mainland China. Its main business includes wholesale, import and export of aircraft and parts, distribution, dismantling and leasing of aircraft and engines, consignment of aviation materials and aviation consulting services. It has the highest international and domestic certified quality system, and has successively obtained ISO9001 + AS9120B quality system certification, American ASA-100 quality certification, and Certificate of Aircraft Parts Distributor from Civil Aviation Maintenance Association of China (CAMAC).