Aircraft/engine Asset trading and disposal/sale

Xiamen Airlease’s professional deal team has completed dozens of transactions, trading off leased aircraft/engine assets in both, the domestic and international markets, connecting buyers and sellers; as well as, lessees and lessors, throughout the world.

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Aircraft/Engine sale-and-leaseback

To meet the needs of airlines, to flexibly adjust transport capacity, optimize aircraft fleet structures, cooperate with fleet upgrades and obtain early cash recovery; Xiamen Airlease provides customized solutions, primarily based on sale-and-leaseback structures and other creative schemes.

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Operating lease and financial lease of aircraft/engines

Xiamen Airlease acquires new aircraft and engines from OEMs, by transferring the purchase rights obtained to airlines; and offers financial lease or operating leases to airlines through SPVs registered in the domestic free trade zone.

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PTF aircraft leasing or sales services

Based on the good relationship and cooperation with PTF STC holder Boeing, IAI, AEI, and authorized domestic MROs; Xiamen Airlease can implement PTF conversion modification for its own and/or other partners’ aircraft; in accordance with the approved modification program by CAAC; and then, sell or lease them to relevant cargo airlines.

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Aircraft and engine dismantling/recycling and parts rental/sale

Xiamen Airlease entrusts professional third parties with the dismantling and recycling of suitable aircraft/engine, used serviceable materials and components, in accordance with civil aviation regulations.
The company sells or leases these aircraft/engines, used serviceable materials and components to airlines or other aircraft parts suppliers in need.

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Aircraft/engine asset management and technical services

Xiamen Airlease provides customers with full lifecycle and all-round asset management and technical services for aircraft; including aircraft type selection, configuration design & selection, production, delivery, leasing, redelivery, remarketing, comprehensive disposal and other processes.

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