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About us

Serving the world From the heart of Xiamen

Xiamen Aircraft Leasing Co., Ltd. was registered and established in the Xiamen Free Trade Zone, in September of 2015. The company aims to be “Serving the world from the heart of Xiamen".

It is the first aircraft asset management company in China that is primarily focused on mid-life aircraft; as well as, being the first flagship enterprise in the aircraft leasing industry in Xiamen Free Trade Zone.

Xiamen Airlease covers the full lifecycle management of flight equipment assets, ranging from the acquisition of commercial aircraft, aircraft engines, and helicopters; through financial and operating lease structures, to the aircraft asset disposal/sale; focusing on the mid- to end-of-life aircraft cycle.

Xiamen Airlease aspires to seamlessly connect the growing demand for the management of aging flight equipment assets in China, with the vast domestic and international market, creating a healthy industry for efficient circulation of aircraft assets globally, and providing maximum value for global aviation partners.

Executive team

Chunguang ChenCEO & General Manager

Chunguang, co-founder of Xiamen Airlease, possess more than 29 years of experience in Chinese and the global civil aviation industry.

He has worked various positions including the Finance Department for the Civil Aviation Administration of China (“CAAC”); the Beijing Representative Office of WILLIS Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd.; and, Deputy GM and General Manager of Aviation Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd.

Chunguang holds a master degree from the Central University of Finance and Economics.

Xiaoge (Jerry) Duan COO/ Deputy General Manager

Jerry, a co-founder of Xiamen Airlease, with more than 35 years experience in MRO, engineering management, aircraft asset management, aircraft leasing and trading.

He started his career in 1988 and has held various positions at various companies, including China Northwest Airlines, GECAS and China Aircraft Leasing Group Holding Limited (“CALC”). He has completed the evaluation, inspection and delivery of over 100 aircraft/engine assets along his career.  He is one of the pioneers in technical consultancy, engaged in the global aircraft leasing industry in China. 

Jerry holds a Bachelor’s degree from Civil Aviation University of China.

Dong BianDeputy General Manager

Dong, co-founder of Xiamen Airlease, has more than 27 years in aircraft leasing, aircraft financing and aviation insurance.

His experience ranges from serving at the Agricultural Bank of China, Zhengzhou Branch; Manager of Aircraft Financing and Aviation Insurance at the Finance Department of China Eastern Airlines; and, as Director of Aircraft Business of CCB Financial Leasing Co., Ltd.  

Dong holds a Master degree from Renmin University of China.

Jinglu ZhaoCFO

Jinglu, accounts with more than 31 years in the financial management function in the civil aviation industry. 

She started her career in 1992, and held various positions, including Director of the Finance Department of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, Chief Accountant of Capital Airport Holding Co., Ltd.; and, the Vice President of Civil Aviation Management Institute of China.

She has a professional background working in central government agencies, state-owned large enterprises, and higher education institutions.  She has extensive experience in financial management within the civil aviation industry, with expertise in accounting, financial management, taxes, investments and financing activities.  

Jinglu holds a Master degree from Nankai University, and she is a Senior Accountant and Certified Public Accountant.

Chunguang Chen

Xiaoge (Jerry) Duan

Dong Bian

Jinglu Zhao


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On September 28th, Xiamen Aircraft Leasing Co., Ltd. (Xiamen Airlease) was registered and established in Xiamen Free Trade Zone with a registered capital of 200 million RMB.

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Xiamen office was established.

The First Chinese Airlines Aircraft Leasing Conference was successfully held in Sanya.

The first financial leasing aircraft owned by Xiamen Airlease was delivered in Tianjin Free Dongjiang Trade Zone.

The first operating lease aircraft owned by Xiamen Airlease was delivered in Xiamen Free Trade Zone.

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Li Dejin, the then Vice Governor of Fujian Province, visited Xiamen Airlease.

Tianjin, Guangzhou and Chengdu offices were established.

Entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with China Development Bank.

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Shanghai office was established

The first aircraft owned by Xiamen Airlease was part-out.  

Completed the sale and leaseback project of 28 mid-life aircraft with China Eastern Airlines, setting a new record for the number of aircraft and transaction price in China‘s mid-life aircraft sale and leaseback market.

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Won 2019 “Tao Zhu Gong Award” for Top Funding Solution by the Euro Finance.

Became the shareholder of Beijing GA Innovation China Aviation Asset Management Co., Ltd.

The first operating lease helicopter owned by Xiamen Airlease was delivered in Xiamen Free Trade Zone

The first international sales of a engine was completed.

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The first operating lease wide-body aircraft owned by Xiamen Airlease was delivered in Xiamen Free Trade Zone.

The first engine part-out project was initiated.

The redelivery and re-disposal of the first batch of domestic sale-and-leaseback used aircraft was completed.

The Fifth Chinese Airlines Aircraft Leasing Conference was successfully held in Haikou

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The module swapping repair and resale of the used engine was completed.

The used engine domestic lease and renewal was completed.

The international sales of the first single engine unit was completed.

Completed the extended lease of middle-aged and elderly owned aircraft in China

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The first international sales of the used aircraft domestic delivery was completed.

The first domestic sales of the used engine was completed.

The first ferry flight abroad of the used aircraft was completed.

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XAero(XMAL’s wholly-owned subsidiary)Obtained AEO Customs Advanced Qualification Certification. 

Xiamen LUXIAN (XMAL’s wholly-owned subsidiary) Obtained the Certificate of Aircraft Parts Distributor from Civil Aviation Maintenance Association Of China (CAMAC )

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